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Machine Needle Felting " Timeless Collections" is the first how-to book from Isabella. The book was specifically written for machine needle felting. It contains 6 patterns that are suited for beginners as well as intermediate students. Machine needle felting is an easy way to create projects, gifts. To learn more about the machine felting, check out our you tube videos on our media page. 

Machine Needle Felting "Timeless Collection"

  • This instructional book contains 6 patterns. You will learn how to work with various fibers, create a 3 D effect, how to shade to create a life like image, and how to embelish the project to enhance the overal image. As you continue with machine felting, knowlegde will increase. Check out the following books:      "Wool Images and Fiber Impressions" as each one increases the various levels of study and learning with more pictures and more tips and tricks.  

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