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Digital art exhibit

My name is Marie Pávek Vršecká, I am from the Chez Republic.                                  
My art degree allows me to teach over 25 art techniques and I have shown my art work in various exhibitions throughout the Czech Republic. One of my art degree is also in fine bakery, such as marzipan delicates and much more. In 1985 I started my sewing career. Creating clothing, toys , including Teddy Bears, quilting, hand bags and much more. 
My motto is: " Feel the love and soul of a Teddy Bear" 

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Momentálně zde nemáme k zobrazení žádné produkty.

     Josephine              total   Size    10"                       

Material:  German Tissel
Eyes: Czech glass
Nose: hand embroidered with cotton
Joints: 5  fiber board joint sets, screws, nuts
Filling: polyester
Paws & foot pad: German wool felt
Wires : arms, legs, tail                                          Decoration: Bow, lace, rose, heart, pin, thimble, buttons and key.


 Butterfly Bear    12.5"       

Bear butterfly

Height: 12.5inch

5 jointed,

Material: llama

Paws: felt

Eyes: bohemian glass

Nose and mouth: embroidered 100% cotton

Filling: polyester

Decoration: cap and antennae with mineral tiger eye, mini butterfly, flower in ceramic flowerpot, butterfly, bow decorative lace at the neck, water pot, large wings.