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                Christmas Teddy Bear online show                                                       
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                 Isabella Hoffmann & Marie Pávek Vršecká                             December 16 -17 starting at 11 am EST 

           Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukah & Feliz Navidad & Frohe Weihnachten & Veselé vánoce & Joyeux Noel  .......                                                                                        around the world                                                                      Peace on Earht

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My name is Isabella Hoffmann and I have been creating collectibles professionally since 1995.  For many years, I was also a designer for a toy manufacturer in Germany, Clements Spieltiere, have been featured in many magazines in the US and Europe, and have received multiple accolades for my work, including Germany's Golden George nomination. It is a privilege and honor to create quality bears and other critters for my collectors. I thank you for checking out my collection, and for welcoming a new companion to your Bear Den!

For questions send an email to:

My name is Marie Pávek Vršecká. I am from the Chez Republic and have know  Isabella for several years. We became fast friends and she introduced me to the wonderful world of Teddy Bears.                                   
My art degree allows me to teach over 25 art techniques and I have shown my art work in various exhibitions throughout the Czech Republic. One of my art degree is also in fine bakery, such as marzipan delicates and much more. In 1985 I started my sewing career. Creating clothing, toys , including Teddy Bears, quilting, hand bags and much more. 
My motto is: " Feel the love and soul of a Teddy Bear" 

NOTE: Please know that the shipping can take up to 6 weeks do to the distance and time of year!!
 questions  or more pictures please send an email:


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