Fine Fiber Artist Isabella Hoffmann's work with both collectibles mohair teddy bears and now with machine needle felting has been featured in magazines, museums and catalogs, on televisions shows and by designers and award winning artists world wide. Check out the following links for more information!

Willow Nook Machine Needle Felting Designs

*Isabella was recently featured on the PBS sewing show "Sewing With Nancy" after her pieces created a stir! Check out the Machine Needle Felting tutorial featured on Nancy's website,!

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CLICK HERE for the tutorial

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Bearly Collectibles

*Additional links to Bearly Collectibles articles coming soon!
* Isabella's new book on machine needle felting is NOW AVAILABLE! Order yours HERE!

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A selection of  Isabella's bear designs are currently being produced by Clemen's Spieltiere, a toy manufaturer in Germany. Click HERE for more information!
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