Willow Nook Machine Needle Felting is Isabella's most recent creative endeavor, involving a needle felting machine and and the new piecing, felting and embellishing techniques she's created with which to capture the true detail and spirit of real life moments and scenes. Combining the nearly effortless meshing of "puzzle style" pieces of cut felted wool and easy template shading methods to draw out the character of the designs, she is helping to move this very new and surprisingly simple form of expression into the mainstream for everyone to enjoy.

Machine Needle Felting is a relatively new artform akin to quilting and applique, but it's incredibly simple to learn and do, allows for a wide range of creative expression, and can be really inexpensive to get involved with! All you need is a needle felting machine, felted material (even wool coats from the thrift store are great!), and some basic tools (scissors, wax paper, markers) to create a unique and fantastic piece to display or give away.

Learn more about machine needle felting HERE!

The Word Around Town:
(Comments from NancyZieman.com)

"Absolutely love the projects and the Baby Lock Embellisher. Thank you for the inspiration."
~ Jan Squires

"I was so taken by Isabella’s designs when I first saw this series that it inspired me to get my own machine needle felting machine! The reverse designs and shading of the rabbit are just so incredibly beautiful in this series." ~Ilene

"I was very interested in how Isabella Hoffman used the blending marker on her machine felting project. The use of the markers and the blending marker made such a difference on the finished flower..."

"I have always enjoyed three dimensional in sewing, so I have to say that I love the leaves and the variety of leaves. Isabella makes shadowing so easy! I can’t wait to try this."
~Peggy Schroder

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Close up of a needle attachment and felting pieces.
Willow Nook Machine Needle Felting
A needle felting machine and some tools.