Welcome to the event page for Isabella Hoffmann's Bear Flair & Repair: 101 workshop at the Crowne Plaza Westshore Hotel in Tampa, Florida, January 17th, 2018! Please contact Isabella via email for more information, or to sign up for the workshop. We appreciate your interest and can't wait to meet you!

Event Description
Bear Flair & Repair, 101: A Lecture on Design & Improvement Techniques for Your Teddy Bear

Isabella Hoffmann has been a professional bear artist for almost 25 years, and will be visiting Tampa, FL from her home in Milwaukee, WI to offer a lecture on her signature design techniques, her experience with bear construction, "troubleshooting" (we all have those problem areas!), and tips and tricks for improving the overall look of a finished bear. Rather than try to create a new bear from scratch in a short amount of time (and leave with an unfinished project), students are invited to bring one of their OWN bears (finished or unfinished) that they feel needs some TLC or some finishing touches. It will be exciting to FINALLY complete or fix that special bear and enjoy it!

For Beginner & Intermediate Students*
*It is highly suggested that you have at least SOME bearmaking experience (have made at least a couple bears)

Morning Lecture 9:30am-12:30pm  (with breaks)
Bring your notebooks and questions!

1. Designing a new Teddy Bear
2. Creating & changing gussets and the result
3. Placing joint markings and tips for installation
4. Creating foot and paw pads

Additional topics that may be covered include the tools Isabella uses personally, her secrets for placement and installation of eyes and ears, discussion about the various styles of stuffing (the stuffing she uses may be available for purchase), shading techniques, and more!

Afternoon Workshop: Improvements Techniques for your Teddy Bear 1:30pm-5pm  (with mini breaks)

The first part of this session will be organized as a Q&A time, where students are encouraged to ask questions about anything they're having an issue with, from the very first steps of design, to the problems they're having with their projects, or about improvements they're curious about. Students are highly encourage to take notes and ask questions! This workshop is "Hands-On," in that students will be assisted in working on their own bears. Isabella will be speaking to the class as a whole, but will also spend time with each student, offering suggestions for improvement or tips for enhancing the overall look of the bear.

Supply List

* Notebook, pen & pencil, eraser, drawing paper, paper scissors for design lecture
* Bring a camera (or cell phone camera), for before and after pictures for your bear
* Bring a Teddy Bear in need of special attention or a finished bear head that you would like to improve on!
* YOUR bearmaking tools, including scissors with a pointed blade (like 5" Fiskars), eye needle, eye thread, upholstery thread, various sewing needles or the ones you use to sew up the seams. Unfortunately Isabella will not be able to lend her personal tools during this class. Also, please make sure your items are labeled, as Isabella cannot assume responsibility for misplaced items.
* Some of your stuffing (One common issue is an understuffed bear)
* Nose embroidery thread (in case your bear needs a little help with the nose)
* Shading pens & Blender (Isabella recommends COPIC Markers E49 Dark Bark, E57 Light Walnut, E99 Baked Clay)
* Ultra Fine Black Sharpie Pens
Finally, have arrangements for lunch! There are a multitude of nearby restaurants and delivery options, or you're welcome to bring your own!

Bella Bears' Beginnings
Isabella began making mohair teddy bears as a hobby in 1992, and loved it enough to begin professionally in 1995. Her award winning designs and pieces have been adopted and created by thousands of people around the world, and she has been a featured artist in numerous magazines and shows. She was a designer for Clements GmbH Toy Company in Germany, and some of her pieces are on permanent display in a museum there as well. She teaches bear making classes in the Milwaukee area, and is available for private instruction. Contact Isabella for more information about private classes!

Please contact us if you have any questions about this site, Isabella's work, how to make a purchase or an order, and about booking her for class instruction in your area. Happy browsing!
Event Details
Bear Flair & Repair: 101
Bearly Collectibles
"Bella Bears" by Isabella Hoffmann
See You Soon!
Some Recommended Bearmaking Tools
A Bear in Progress
Saturday, 01/17/18


Workshop Fee:

Crown Plaza
Tampa Westshore
5303 W. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 289-1950

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Isabella and friend at an artist bear show.