Welcome to IsabellaHoffmann.com, the online home Bearly Collectibles and the Bella Bears line of collectible mohair teddy bears and critters made by fine artist Isabella Hoffmann, and Willow Nook Machine Felting, her newest creative endeavor involving an innovative design and embellishment process using wool felt and the needle felting machine.

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Bearly Collectibles
Isabella began making mohair teddy bears in 1992, and professionally in 1995. Her award winning designs and pieces have been adopted and created by thousands of people around the world, and she has been a featured artist in numerous magazines and shows. She is currently a designer for Clements GmbH Toy Company in Germany, and some of her pieces are on permanent display in a museum in there as well. She teaches bear making classes in the Milwaukee area, and is available for private instruction. Click on Bearly Collectibles for more information!

Willow Nook Machine Needle Felting Designs
Isabella got involved with machine needle felting by coincidence. For a short time she dabbled with 3-D wool felting and sculpting, and many of her felting students went on to win major awards for their pieces! Over time, working with the medium by hand began to feel time consuming and Isabella was searching for something new. Luckily, she was at a friend's shop when a new needle felting machine arrived and she was invited to try it out. She could hear the Choirs of Angels in the background and was instantly hooked! Isabella has since developed her own unique machine needle felting designs, patterns and process for embellishment, resulting in pieces completely different from anything else currently being done with the medium. She's especially excited about how easy and enjoyable this new method can be for students of any age or experience level. Her second book, Willow Nook's Machine Needle Felting; Wool Images, is now available for purchase. Click here for more information about Willow Nook Machine Needle Felting!

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A Note From Isabella:
​I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with the joy of family and friends! What a comforting way to wrap up the fall season and usher in the chilly nights and beauty of winter and the upcming holidays.

I have been involved in quite a few bear shows recently and am looking forward to making some special designs for gifts and home for Christmas and the new year. Check back often for new pictures and events!

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We will be happy to hear from you.

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Isabella Hoffmann
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